Vector Pro X3


Xterra Vector Pro X3 (Women). Worn in more Ironman and Ironman 70.3 races than any other wetsuit in the world, this suit offers true performance on race day. The Vector Pro is designed for optimum speed and flexibility.

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Worn in more Ironman races than any other wetsuit, the Vector Pro Fullsuit is designed for optimum speed and flexibility, with added arm/shoulder panels to allow greater range of motion of swim strokes, simulating the experience of wearing a sleeveless wetsuit.


  • 6 anatomically-correct arm/shoulder panels allow for a natural range of motion in the swim stroke, for faster, smoother swimming with less effort
  • Lower-profile collar adds comfort and increased durability, ensuring that the suit stays intact and in place
  • X-MAX Seam Seal technology uses a triple layer of glue and double-blind stitching to ensure long-lasting waterproof seams


  • FRONT: 5.0 mm-thick neoprene from neck to ankles
  • BACK: 3 mm neoprene
  • ARMS/SHOULDERS: 1.5 mm Super GKA neoprene


  • Fully coated with the slickest skin coating, maintaining a 0.03 drag coefficient
  • High-quality X-FLEX liner lines the entire interior of the suit, allowing the wetsuit to stretch in all four directions and return to its original shape (most mid-level wetsuits only use a high quality liner in the arms)


  • Red X logo on the chest, left arm and below the Velcro
  • White X logo on the inside torso lining
  • Forearm catch panels for effective “catch-pull” stroke
  • Fully adjustable Velcro neck closure
  • 2” zipper protector flap inside the suit
  • Sturdy zipper 30” lanyard with 1” Velcro patch for versatile fastening

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