Vaultron Airo Speedmask


The perfect fold-up visor by CASCO with one-handed operation and panoramic field of view. The visor is easy to open and close with one hand, perfect when passing through tunnels and helpful when putting on/off. The SPEEDmask Visor VAUTRONĀ® allows a panoramic field of view and a perfect visibility because of the latest lens technology.The VAUTRONĀ® automatic lenses adjust very fast to varying light conditions and is superior scrach and impact resistant. The visor fits with glasses.

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Features VAUTRONĀ® automatic:

  • Fast automatic adjustment
  • Crystal clear visibility
  • Contrast intensifying
  • Optical class 1
  • Self-cleaning + hydrophobic
  • Super anti-fog

Suitable for:

  • SPEEDairo RS
  • SPEEDairo-TC Plus
  • SPEEDairo
  • SPEEDster-TC
  • SPEEDster-TC Plus
  • Roadster-TC
  • Young-Generation

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