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For all you athletes out there, we have all the nutritional supplements you need. Whether you are training or racing your nutritional needs will vary and so should your supplements. We bring you exclusive products made by the most respected names in the industry and combine our expert knowledge to assist you to reach your training and racing goals, at each step of your journey. Triathlon involves a lot of time investment, we at Apex Multisport believe that your equipment and nutrition should be an investment too. Our brands help you perform better by providing you with the latest technology in the field of nutrition in the rapidly evolving world of triathlon and sports nutrition. Our featured brands of EpieQ, Gu and Enduren use the highest quality ingredients for performance, giving you the edge in competition.



Are protein supplements necessary?

Protein supplementation – is a vital part of any athletes training. It helps with meeting your protein requirements and helps with recovery from hard workouts. The type of training you do and your training goals will dictate which specific protein shake and supplements that you need. Make sure that you are getting at minimum 0.8g of protein per kilogram of body weight.

Convenience – While it is possible to get all your protein through your diet alone, it is difficult for many people with the stresses of life and being in and out of the home and the time needed to cook. Protein shakes can be quite helpful if you are juggling several sports and aren’t near a kitchen or pressed with time after work and struggle to fit in the week’s meal preparation.

Ingredients – Protein shakes that are premium will contain all of the needed amino acids and extra minerals to boost your training and performance. Not all protein shakes are created equal – check the ingredients. Our range of EpieQ protein products is made from high-end ingredients many of which are patented.

Low Carb – If you are on a low carb diet such as Keto there are supplements specifically made with you in mind. Getting your nutritional requirements has never been easier.

What supplements do athletes need?

Re-hydrate – when you putting out the miles and sweating through your workouts, you are losing your salts and minerals. It is important to stay hydrated before and after your workout. We have Gu, Enduren and EpieQ all of which are world-class hydration supplements.

Protein supplements – These are important in helping you develop that muscle from your strength workouts and help in the recovery process. Protein shakes have amino acids which are the building blocks of muscle. Premium protein shakes taste great without a ton of unhealthy sugars. In fact, EpieQ has zero common sugars in all of their products.

Energy supplements – can give you an edge in races. Caffeine is a known performance enhancer helping you go longer and feel fresh even fresh and dark in the morning or after a long day at work.

Cramp supplements – cramps happen to the best of the best. But there are ways of preventing them. Magnesium supplements help a lot in this regard. Enduren has specific anti-cramping supplements. Don’t let cramps hold you back.

Meal replacements – these are especially convenient in making sure you’re not consuming junk calories. If you wait until you are hungry you are bound to want to eat the first unhealthy thing you lay eyes on. Rather plan and keep a meal replacement handy for when you’re hungry. When you’ve had an extra hard day and need that one extra meal a meal replacement will do just that.

When should you eat an energy bar?

Choose a bar that has around 25g to 40g of carbs and 100 – 200 calories this ensure you are not eating too much which can cause stomach upset and not too little that your glycogen store run empty or your sugars drop.

Before – having a bar before your workouts help to top up your carbohydrate reserves for later on if needed during a gruelling race or training session. Energy bars are also useful when you have to wait at the start of a big race and the nerves set in.

During – Your body takes time to process and digest the nutrients that you need make sure you have one every 45-60min. Waiting too late when you are low can’t be corrected quickly.

Backup – Keep one as an emergency spare as anything can happen on race day. Be prepared and have one on hand. It could make the difference between being able to finish the race or needing a lift.

Energy bars are not your only option have a look at what we have from these leading brands; Gu, EpieQ and Enduren.

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