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For all you cyclists out there, whether you are doing road or triathlon cycling we have all the equipment, advice and expertise you need. Whether you are training or racing out your needs will vary and so should your equipment. We bring you exclusive products made by the most respected names in the industry, such as Argon 18, Oakley and Casco as well as Profile Design and combine our expert knowledge to assist you to reach your training and racing goals, at each step of your journey. Triathlon involves a lot of time investment, we at Apex Multisport believe that your equipment should be an investment too. Our brands help you perform better by providing you with the latest technology in the rapidly evolving world of triathlon. Our featured brands use the highest quality materials for comfort and performance, giving you the edge in competition.


What do I need for cycling?

Bike – We are official supplies of exclusive bike brand Argon 18. A world leader in the road and triathlon bicycles. Argon 18 bikes are high-end performance racing machines. Sporting several professional athletes these bikes are high-end quality in construction, materials and components. Click here to view our exclusive range.

Helmet – Not only do they protect your head. An aero helmet can yield you a huge advantage with quicker race times and boosting your bike avg. speed especially over long distances. We have Oakley helmets and Casco dominating leaders in optics and helmets. Providing aero performance advantages with comfort and temperature cooling through smart design.

Cycling kit – We have cycling bibs kits and tri suits. Chat to us instore to find out which best suits your unique needs. Traditional cycling bibs have much more padding, whereas tri suits can easily be used for cycling and running without the hassle of changing into an entirely different kit or worrying about running without pockets. Make sure your cycling kit has pockets for your Co2 gas canisters, spare tubes or gels and bars. Shop here to browse our accessories page.

Cycling shoes – cycling shoes should be comfortable and last long. View our exclusive range of cycling shoes both road and triathlon specific ones from high-end Lake. Lake shoe pride themselves in being especially comfortable. Pop in store to see them in person to see what they are like it personally. Triathlon Lake shoes are more breathable and very quick to put on you can jump on your bike with your shoes attached beforehand and slide your feet in them and fasten the shoes while you are riding on your bike in the first few pedal strokes.

WheelsVision wheels give you the aero racing advantage you need. Making you faster on the flats. Lighter on the climbs and a more comfortable ride. Vision wheels boast some of the most premium cutting edge technology in the world of cycling wheels. Read more about all the technology crammed into these race wheels. If you want that extra advantage over the competition for your next race, why not rent a pair of elite racing wheels from us? If you haven’t yet ridden with racing wheels before, contact us or rent racing wheel so see and feel the advantage on your next training ride.

What is a triathlon bike?

Body Position – a triathlon bike or TT bike short for ‘time trail bike’ is engineered specifically to be super aero and for a body position, lower – where you chest if must closer to the top tube of your bike.  The geometry of the frames, the lightness provide the rider with a lower and more aerodynamic position which translates into faster bike splits and higher time trial averages.

Apex Multisport is proud supplies of Argon 18 bikes – a very high-end performance bike range with something for everyone. These bikes are engineered and designed to blow you away with the looks and leave your competitors behind you. Triathlon bikes also have gear ratios that are suitable for most triathlon courses.

Integrated Nutrition – Argon 18 triathlon bikes have state of the art integrated nutrition and hydration built into the frame for ease comfort and advanced aerodynamics. The ability to stay in an aero position and not have to sit upright to drink fluids and move your arm around reaching for bottles and gels or bars helps you shave precious time.

Cockpit – A big feature of a triathlon bike is the placement of the gears and brake levers. On a traditional road bike, these are situated on the handlebars. Triathlon bikes have aero bars and can have gear and/or the brakes fully integrated on the bars which are either a one-piece cockpit unit that the rider leans on in a super aero tucked position or clip-on bars to have the position. The major advantage of the cockpit system is that you do not have to break your aero position and sit upright to access your gears or breaks, you can stay the entire ride in a tucked aerodynamic position.

Benefits of indoor trainers?

Consistency – Indoor trainers are great for two main reasons. As an athlete consistency is important – weather affecting your training and making you skip your training session is a thing of the past. Smart indoor trainers such as the Wahoo Kickr 4.0 are incredibly realistic to how cycling on the road feels. These smart trainer can simulate realistic gradients of which help athletes training in relatively flat areas or simulate a monster of a climb to get training advantages and benefits that would otherwise be available only to those living in extreme mountains areas.

Fun– Training indoors on trainers like the Wahoo Kickr 4.0 can be exciting and adrenaline-fueled. you can take part in indoor competitions casual and elite to the professional level. You can have group rides with your friend or watch your favourite cycling celebrity perform their workout.

Smarter Training – with indoor cycling on smart trainers you can cycle an hour and get the benefits of ride twice as long and upwards of a ride outdoors. This is because when you are cycling on the road the gradient changes and when it is a decline or downhill your bike is just rolling down if you’re not pedalling or if you are it’s probably light pedalling with little watts. If you train on a smart trainer you are putting force through the trainer the entire time – this results in very noticeable gains and performance improvements provided you put in the time and follow structured plans and workouts. Simply put it is a much more efficient way of training. You can train in the comfort of your home and save time not driving around to start your ride and not having to interrupt your precise training plans with waiting at traffic lights.

Safety – Indoor cycling is far safer. It is also better for you bike. You get in all your usual mileage if not much more – without dealing with bad road surfaces, grime in your cassette and chain and because these smart trainers are used by you attached your bike to their cassette you save your tyres and lengthen their lifespan.

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